Carol Huang


You might describe me as a package full of pleasant surprises. Although I just entered the beginning of my professional career, I leverage my artistic talent and ability to learn quickly to form an array of design skills, including graphic design, animation and illustration. I have applied these skills to a variety of industries, everything from biotech to tech startups to F&B. I pride myself on the flexibility to try new art styles and mediums, and production speed.

My flexibility and wide range of design talents are the result of a less traditional journey towards graphic design. Much of my youth was focused on studying film production while only painting in my spare time. I did not enter the world of computer based graphic design until my early 20s. While some people saw entering the digital design world later as a disadvantage, I have found my experience in different fields of art gave me the ability to develop a more diverse range of styles and adaptability to new mediums. I also had to work faster in the beginning to catch up to those with years more experience, which resulted in being able to complete high-quality work in record time.

I’m an amiable presence who loves to be part of a team. Working with others gives me the chance to try new things and bounce ideas off of others. It’s also a motivation to finish things quickly so I can jump on new opportunities.