Your Communication Needs a Strategy.

CORE is How.


What is CORE?

Strategy isn’t complicated. It’s simply having a clear target, and calibrating what you do to hit it. Most people and organizations say they are strategic in their communication, but they rarely are. Instead, they fall on personal habits, follow the routines of their training (Issues talking with engineers anyone?), and give every target audience the same spiel. This isn’t effective, and it needs to change.

That is why we developed the CORE framework to help companies and individuals be strategic in every piece of communication they do. We designed the framework to be exceedingly simple, and ready to be applied to any piece of communication - from a worldwide product release to a simple email.

CORE stands for Connect, Offer, Reinforce, and Execute. Let’s take a deeper dive.



with Your Audience

Imagine if Steve Jobs had stepped onstage in 2007 and opened the iPhone launch with: “Hi, we’ve built a mobile phone. It has a 3.5-inch touch screen with 320 x 480 pixel resolution, you can make calls, listen to music, or surf the internet.”

Instead, he spent a few minutes to prepare the audience for what he was about to offer - and fully grasp how big of a breakthrough it was. And the whole world grasped it.

Your audience is rarely ready to receive what you have to offer (unless you were selling water to the thirsty, but you wouldn’t need help with that). Rather, you have to first connect with them, and get them ready to receive.

How you connect must be strategically tailored to who you’re talking to, and for what purpose. The way you connect is almost never the same from audience to audience.



Unique and

Tangible Value

Once your audience is ready to receive, you’re ready to offer. But not just any offer. You cannot just serve up the catalogue of goods and benefits that your team has cooked up. 

Instead, you present a unique offer, by highlighting aspects of your offer that are not only relevant to your audience, but also superior and differentiated from your competitors. 

A medical device may have one set of intended use and functions, but it wouldn’t be sold in the exact same way to a distributor, a doctor, and a nurse.



Your Offer

You’ve connected with your audience and put forth your offer, and you’re pleased with their reaction. But the job isn’t done. You have to close the deal by reinforcing your offer with powerful proof that removes any remaining doubt.

Be it customer traction that proves to investors you’re poised for takeoff, or live demos that show the capabilities of your device, selecting the right reinforcements is a necessary art and science.



You know how to connect. You’ve tailored your offer. And you’ve chosen the best reinforcements. Now you execute your game plan according to the format of your communication.

Are you standing onstage to speak to a hundred? Sitting in a room to present to ten? Or huddling at a cafe to persuade one? Or perhaps you’re writing an email to begin a promising partnership with a key industry figure? You would execute differently across all of these settings.