Foreign Client

From crossing oceans to bridging cultures, we’ve got you covered

We believe that any company can connect with any client, anywhere in the global market - if given the right tools. We’ll make sure you have the right toolset...and connect with your dream partners.

Presentality works with you to craft communication that shines across cultures and industries.


Company CORE Discovery

Most people talk for hours on the technical, scientific, and business details of their company.  Yet, these spiels are often met with raised eyebrows and confused smiles by potential clients or partners.

The CORE discovery program will uncover what your target audience is looking for and display the brilliance of your ideas in terms that matter to them.  We’ll transform the key concepts of your business into a clear message anyone can understand with the professional tone your peers expect.

CORE Audit

Not sure if your presentations or marketing efforts are having the right effect on your target audience?  Not quite getting the results you expect after launching your service or product?

Let us take a look at your presentations and marketing materials.  We’ll do a comprehensive breakdown of your core message, how audiences receive that message, and if you’re sending any mixed signals to potential clients.  We will even take a look at your industry and the prime competitors to see how you can stand out.

Communication Strategy

Eureka! You’ve developed a groundbreaking product or service, but now what?  How do you get the message out there?  Who would be most interested in your idea?  What is it going to take for people to know your name?

You’ve got the expertise to develop amazing things, and we’ve got the expertise to plan your global domination.  Let us help plan out the next 3-6 months of your communication strategy, including the tone of your website copywriting, design directions for your marketing materials, or the social media campaign message.


Presentation Training

Standing on a stage and baring your company’s heart and soul to the world can be intimidating.  Whether on a conference stage for 5 minutes or in a boardroom for an hour, we want your presentation to feel professional and personable.

Work with Presentality’s professional trainers to hone your presentation skills.  We will refine your stage presence to deliver with fluency and flair.

Online communication training (email, LinkedIn)

Not every opportunity to present yourself will come face-to-face.  Making a great impression in person at a trade-show or conference is an important beginning, but how do you maintain strong communication afterwards?

We will hone your teams’ online communication skills, be it building close relationships with clients through email or developing personal LinkedIn profiles that reflect well on the company.  Don’t let online communication ruin the great impressions you made in person.

Cross-cultural communication training

We don’t believe in general audiences.  Every individual or group you talk to will have their own experiences, beliefs, and biases.  This is doubly true when talking to an audience from another country or cultural background.

Our cross-cultural experts will train your team to handle communication and presentation with audiences from any corner of the globe.  From the US to Japan to Italy, we will help your team tailor their communication to connect deeper with your global market of choice and avoid cultural pitfalls.


Corporate slide deck design

Design is time consuming and difficult.  Most companies have trouble designing a slide deck that really captures their professionalism and value. Our professional design team will ensure that your deck tells a visual story worthy of your story.