Turning Skeptical Investors into Long-Term Backers

Getting investors to back you isn’t easy. Investors think, talk, and decide in very particular language and logic (depending on the type of investor & sector). Trouble is, most founders only learn this after weeks of failed pitches, and having burned their best leads. We’ll help you avoid pitfalls and build a pitch to close.

We’ll help you tailor the right strategy for your target investors, train you to deliver your best message, and design a deck to help you do it in style.


Pitch Strategy Sessions

How do you establish the strongest first impression? How do you leverage investors’ own logic to strengthen your pitch? How do you talk numbers and valuation? We’ll help you answer these questions and more.

The typical output of these sessions is a revised pitch storyline that you can adapt to specific pitch types (email or elevator?) and audience types (angel? VC? CVC?).

(Note: Every pitch we help build is unique to its founder, product/service, sector, etc. In fact, you shouldn’t trust anyone who gives “general pitch advice”)

Pitch Script

Got your pitch story down, but worried you can’t find the right words and phrases? Worry not. We can also write a pitch script for you to practice, complete with snappy lines and memorable phrases. (Just don’t read it word-for-word. Please.)


Pitch Training

So you have your storyline and script in hand. But when the big moment comes, can you deliver with fluency and flair? Our professional trainers will help you turn your pitch into second nature. Whether you’re pitching in a small room or on a giant stage, for 6 minutes or 60, we’ll tailor the training to suit your needs.


Pitch Deck Design: Live Presentation

We get it, most entrepreneurs aren’t designers. So why spend your precious days playing with power point? Let our professional designers handle it, and we’ll make sure you step onto that stage with gorgeous visuals to back your words.

Pitch Deck Design: Pre-Pitch

Lots of investors ask that you send your deck to them before the meeting. It’s vitally important that your pre-pitch deck get them excited, build anticipation and trust (that you know what you’re doing), and do so without you being there. And no, sending the deck you use for live presentation is NOT a good idea.

Still have questions about how all this works?See this case study for how we worked with Clearmind Biomedical, which just closed its Series A of US$5 million.