Internal Team & Management

Transforming Your Communication from the Inside Out

Many companies recruit the best talent money can buy, and then leave their working dynamics up to chance. We prefer not leaving teamwork up to chance. Instead, we design strategies and trainings to help you go from individual talent to a cohesive team.


Consensus Building

Have you ever come to the sudden realization during a critical meeting that not everyone on your team was fully clear with the vision previously set forth?  We want to make sure this does not happen again.

If you have a meeting, proposal, or annual plan where it’s crucial everyone is on the same page and fully engaged, then consensus building is the right place to begin.  Through this process we will help your team actively voice their thoughts and then take ownership for the final decisions & outcome.


Participatory Strategic Planning and Transformative Action Planning

Does your company constantly make plans that start out great but lose steam as the year moves on?  Do some team members mentality drop out when they feel projects aren’t relevant to their goals?

For Presentality, “strategy” is more than just a plan scribbled on paper, it’s about forming the right mentality so any plan can be executed as a cohesive team. We provide you with critical frameworks necessary to get on the same page, create an actionable plan, and facilitate your team to engage in two-way discussions over strategies (not just “boss says so and all sit in silence meeting!”).


Team Dynamics Workshop

We believe quality internal communication is critical to your success. Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman spent a decade studying 10,000+ founders, and concluded: “65% of failures are due to people problems.”

“People problems” are often centered around communication issues, so Presentality prioritizes getting to the core of team communication.  By utilizing proven communication assessment tools, we will work with your team members on identifying their own communication preferences, and teach them how to work with differing communication styles.


Leadership Development

After consulting for dozens of SMEs and startups, we’ve found 90% of the companies promote internally over hiring professional managers to lead the team.  This maintains a high level of technical expertise, but often leaves the newly promoted feeling lost, alone, and unclear on how to support a team. This feeling of unease often results in new managers trying to micro-manage rather than lead.

Our leadership program was designed to transition technical experts to become effective leaders.  We help each leader understand their team’s preferred style of communication and coach them on leveraging their team (and their own) strengths. We then share proven frameworks, methodologies, and practices to facilitate team meetings and provide coaching tools to get the most out of your team members.


Presentality is not a design agency, but we provide clear design guidelines for you and teammates to follow to help streamline your communication within the company.


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